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Robinsons first started in the form of a plant hire business. Due to this we needed reliable, cost effective transport, which came in the form of the first wagon being purchased in 1991.


The business has since grown into a three wagon fleet, A Hi-Ab and an Abnormal Load Escorting Van. Accompaning the tractor units are four trailers, each comprising of 3 to 4 axles, with a 4 axle self steering trailer.


All our moves are planned and notified in our transport office, these are in compliance with the Main Authorities guidelines.

The Services we can offer:

- General haulage

- Heavy haulage

 - Abnormal load movements

- Abnormal Load Escorting

- Tanker services

 - Low loader services

- Hi-Ab Movements

- Transportation of dangerous goods (ADR) 


For further information about our haulage services or to find out how we can help contact Peter on 07774 623174 or Edward on 07968 961054


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